Don't have a stuffed animal that needs restoring

but still want to help out others? 











We have a Trauma Restoration Fund and Amazon Wishlist below!

Trauma victims cope in many different ways, and one of them is through comfort. Stuffed animals can often be that emotional support when times are difficult. Because of this, our friends become worn and tattered and need restoration (just like our heart do.) I am setting up this fund to help those who have struggled through trauma and would like to have their stuffed animal restored - so they can have them for many more years to come. These donations will go toward shipping costs, materials, and the time it takes to restore these stuffed friends. These restorations are very symbolic. We can never change what happens to us, we can only heal and move forward in life. We can choose to hold onto the things that broke us, or we can start over again. We can choose to let this define us, or we can choose to become a better version of ourselves because of it. Thank you for your support!