Welcome to Fluff - Stuffed Animal Restoration!

Here you will find the artwork of Danielle Allore-Taylor, who has

restored and cared for many a stuffed animal in her free time. She has been able to help countless people bring their beloved stuffed animals back to their former glory, and now it’s your turn! Danielle would love to help YOU restore your friend so that they will last even longer!

Here on this website you can hear about our restoration process, give you the opportunity to sign up to be put on our waiting list (you can also fill out a scholarship request form to see if you qualify for a restoration at little or no cost to you!) You can also shop for a new stuffed animal friend (restored by Danielle herself) to help raise money for the scholarship funds. We also have a paypal pool to raise money, as well as have an amazon wishlist to give the opportunity to those if they wish to donate items for restorations.


Your support is very much appreciated, and allows Danielle to continue her passion of helping others! Thank you for visiting our site! We invite you to check out the other tabs on our website. Make sure you come back often to see current restorations, or shop for a new stuffed friend! See you soon!