Welcome to FLUFF - Support Stuffies This service is to retrieve broken and damaged stuffed animals, restore them, and then give them freely to the public to offer comfort in traumatic times. My goal is to be able to give them to police departments, Fire Departments, Hospital/Ambulance Department, Shelters, etc. I have over 100 stuffed animals at this moment that I can send out. A large thank you to Resale Depot (and other generous gifters) for offering their worn and torn stuffed animals to make Support Stuffies happen. A large thank you to the generous locals who have made this service possible by supplying their stuffies! -The Drew Barrymore Show / Joann Fabrics - Resale Depot - Generous Jackson Locals This service needs YOUR financial support. If you find it in your heart to give towards this project, I would be forever grateful. This fund goes toward restoration supplies, time and talents, and mileage for this project!